Bubble Machine
Bubble Machine

Bubble Machine

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Bubble Machine For Parties Automatic Bubble Maker, Portable Electric Bubble Blower Machine for Kids,Wedding and Stage Show

Over the past 6 years SugarPop Rentals has done hundreds of outdoor events. We often noticed these bubble machines that would make hundreds of bubbles that would blow in the wind. The kids would spend hours laughing and chasing after the constant stream of bubbles. 

We wanted to bring this simple joy to your next outdoor event. 

This light, portable machine is just the thing for Party's, Nightclub effects, Film Sets, Disco's and Stage Settings. 24 hour rental only $20 

Well made bubble machine with a 1 litre reservoir that allows the machine to produce bubbles for up to 1 hour.

Powerful 25W bubble machine
Colour: Silver
Power supply: 230Vac
Dimensions: 280 x 240 x 240mm
Weight: 4.6kg