Brand Ambassadors Toronto & Surrounding Area

Toronto Brand ambassadors – Are you looking for new ways to promote your brand? How about with your own branded popcorn cart and popcorn bags with staff decked out in your branded clothing? We can’t think of a better way to get noticed!

All of our branding is done in-house, so we are able to keep our prices competitive and offer you the best value for your money. Since 2012 our team of hard working, professional and friendly ambassadors have attended over 400 events annually across the GTA and beyond. We attend a wide range of functions from private parties and weddings, to large scale corporate events and cultural celebrations such as Pride, Caribana and many more.

Here's what we offer -  We have created a service that takes all the planning and worry away from you. This gives you the time and flexibility to mingle, network and promote your brand while allowing our staff to do the rest.

We have you covered from branded popcorn bags to a fully branded setup and anything in between - we can take care of it! The SugarPop team has the experience, equipment, staff and energy to comfortably take on an event of any size.

Brand ambassadors, you see, can hold captive the gaze of the public, so all eyes are on your brand – whether you are at a trade show or if your company is hosting an action-packed gala.

Brand ambassadors add an intangible aura to your image – it gives it renewed life and allows you to paint your brand’s image with the strokes of your choosing. Do you want to project a sexy brand to the world? Then, of course, alluring brand ambassadors – decked out, perhaps, in young, lively, dazzling attire – will be quite appropriate. Or, if you would prefer to build the image of a professional company, you will find that well-trained, enthusiastic brand ambassadors can help you out.

In order to serve you better please answer the following questions: 

  • Date and Duration of your event
  • Location of your event
  • Number of staff required (special skills - bartending, food handling, modeling) 
  • Theme of your event
  • Will you be handing out promotional items, data mining (surveys) making and handing out items (popcorn / cotton candy), educating (promoting your brand), displaying (example new car model) - please let us know, so we can serve your better.