Candy Buffet

Full Service Buffet Packages:

  • Sweet Invitation Buffet (50 – 99 guests) / $5.25 per person
  • Candy Buffet features 5 different candies (5 -10 containers) 
  • Sweet Presence Buffet (100 – 249 guests) / $4.00 per person
  • Candy Buffet features 10 different candies (10 -15 containers)
  • Sweet Sympathy Buffet (250 - 399 guests) / $3.75 per person
  • Candy Buffet features 15 different candies (15 - 20 containers)
  • Sweet Luxury Buffet (400 guests +) / $3.25 per person
  • Candy Buffet features 20 different candies (25 containers)


FREE of charge each package includes attractive color-coordinated display according to the theme of your special day with signage and labels for candy jars designed by our graphic designer.

  • Our Signature Service includes
  • Consultation
  • Personal design
  • Rental of candy jars, containers, stands and scoops
  • Coordinated table decorations
  • Candy Signs designed by our in-house graphic designer
  • Guest Candy Bags
  • On time candy buffet delivery
  • Candy Buffet setup, take down and cleanup
  • All candy is ordered specifically for your candy buffet event
  • We pack up the leftovers for you


What is a candy buffet?

A candy buffet is a striking presentation of quality candy that is designed to harmonize the theme or color scheme of your event. Candy buffets offer a stunning setting and luscious decor for any occasion.

Why should I include a candy buffet at my event?

It is the best idea and above all it’s unique! A candy buffet will make your event unforgettable leaving your guests with astonishment. They also make an incredible favor for your event--one that all ages will love!

Are candy buffets a good idea for weddings?

Yes! Candy buffets are the hottest development for all occasions; a great way for guests to mingle with each other. They are also a big money saver on party favors, something guest won’t be throwing away after the party has ended. Instead, watch your guests filling up their goody bags with favorite sweets!

Can I do this myself?

Many people have accomplished this task, but end up spending more money than if they had hired an expert. If you do decide to tackle this job just keep in mind you will not only have to locate and purchase all the candy but have to purchase all the glassware , scoops, linens, ribbons, candy bags, tags; most of all the hassle of transporting your glass jars and setting up and refilling. Remember you will also have to invest on researching all your candy and try to get the best deal as possible taking you away from your special event. Additionally, what will you do with so much glassware and ribbons after all is said and done? Let me take that burden off of you and allow you to save a great amount of money.

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