Smell Sound Touch Taste - Ignite all of their senses

At SugarPop Rentals we often get asked to represent our clients at trade shows. Our Brand Ambassadors with clients to represent their brand.

We manage to ignite the sense of Smell through our freshly made popcorn. Aurora that fill up any sized hall in just a few minutes. Our popcorn machines come with build in fans that distribute the delicious freshly made popcorn aurora. Attracting potential clients right to your booth. 

Sound is created by our Spinning Wheel, the click click click sound made by our spinning wheel creates a sense of curiosity, excitement and anticipation. What will I win? Will it be a sample, 10% percent off or will it be a free item? No matter what item the wheel will land on each participant can go away holing a warm custom popcorn bag filled with freshly popped popcorn. 

Touch everyone love to touch the item that you're promoting, selling or displaying. If your product isn't something they can hold no worries! The custom logo on their popcorn bag will show everyone where they got their delicious popcorn from it will also build brand recognition. 

Taste its always great to walk away with a good taste in your mouth, associating the delicious taste of popcorn with your brand. 

Help us create the perfect experience for your client - even with something as small as a free popcorn bag your client will associate your brand every time he/she is at the movie theatre, in a mall or at home waiting for their favourite movie to start.